Saturday, 31 December 2011

In seek of a perfect wallet

I know I haven't posted anything lately. I was sooo busy the past few weeks with exams, study and projects to hand in that I hardly had time for myself. During the first week of the Holidays I did the opposite by knitting (I improved my skills since the last time I mentioned it), sewing and watching movies all the time.

I've also been seeking the PERFECT wallet for already a while. Unfortunately the ones that I found were a little bit expensive (there are pictures of the ones I like bellow) and I would never buy a fake-leather or plastic one. 

Mark by Mark Jacobs

Mark by Mark Jacobs


Inspired by these wallets and some other accessories, I decided TO MAKE ONE!
This way, I will keep the money I would have spend on a wallet for another purchase - hopefully for a gorgeous pair of shoes or a to die-for (Alexander Wang?) bag.

Here are a few sketches of my future wallet:

PS. I hope it will look nice!


  1. OMG those wallets are so gorgeous!!!!
    I can't wait to see your wallet :)
    xoxo gsf

  2. hey! :)
    i really liked reading your blog! :D it's really entertaining (in a good way, of course :P ).
    I love the wallets, especially the last one!
    Good luck for yours! :D


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