Sunday, 1 January 2012

Cheers to New Year!

Even you know how hard (cough* cough* impossible) it is to keep New Year's resolutions. Nevertheless, I'll still try. It will be the same one as last year: Make at least 12 sewing creations.
I know it's not that many but it is to me. I've only managed to make 7 during the past 365 days.
How many will I do this year? We'll see by the end of 2012!

One of the 7 things I sewed in 2011

PS. Hope you keep your resolutions (if you have some) and spend a fab New Year filed of great moments that will become some of your best memories and that you'll get everything you want!


  1. what a cute blog!
    i'm following you dear :)

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  2. świetny blog ; )) obserwuję ! może trochę się poduczę angielskiego ..

  3. Happy New Year lovely!! Thank you for the sweet comment :).. ergh I've got the dreaded healthy diett one- very needed ha xxx

  4. Happy new year!!
    Laur x

  5. Really nice !! I wish you a happy New Year !! :)


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