Saturday, 21 January 2012


This was a crazy week. Luckily I had a day off yesterday! However, I went to school to work on my yearbook of which I'm partially responsible! It's a lot of fun and I love my team but, I won't lie, I definitely would have preferred to stay in my bed and sleep till noon. When I came back from school, I did some cleaning. I was getting tiered of my desk looking like as if there was been a battle on it.
I never thought I would find so many things! Not all of them are really useful but I keep accumulating them as I say that they can always come in handy.There are also so many memories I've discovered that might have been lost forever if I didn't keep some stuff. After this exhausting activity I felt inspired by some pictures of vintage I saw on blogger. I instantly decided take a look at my mom's old wardrobe. I found a few items that I absolutely had to have and guess what? My mommy was happy to give them to me and told me she was going to give them away of the by the end of the month.Thank God I was in a weird cleaning and looking for stuff mood.

A fabulous vintage jacket my mommy gave me

PS. I had a great dream in which I was at a Bazaar full with Alexander Wang shoes! Wish it was true...


  1. I like your draws! Very nice ideias!

  2. Oh thank you. :) I love him, too ;)
    And i love this adorabel vintage jacket! WOW ♥

  3. Tu fais de très jolis dessins :)

    A bientôt !

  4. I love your vintage jacket!

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  6. Lovely drawings!

  7. I like your ideas! Nice drawings!

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  11. you're very creative!!
    and great blog

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