Tuesday, 29 November 2011


People always had and will have different opinions regarding on other people's wardrobe essentials. However, they all seem to agree that black is a must. As you're reading this, you're probably wondering why or, disappointed with the people who like this stupid color that (as you may think) doesn't look good on you. What's good about it though, nobody really knows how many times you actually wore it comparatively to a hot pink shirt with dark green dots on it (just don't get any ideas and don't wear such a thing but you get the idea). You could have worn it a thousand times and people would only have realized a few times. The hydrous shirt will be spotted on the second time you wear and people will say ''She (or he)'s wearing it again?''. Another great asset of black clothing is that it difficult to get it dirty (I didn't say smelly so you still have to wash it!). This dark color is also fun because you get to play around with accessories.
Being a teenager, I often think that the Must-have clothes that are in magazines I ready are for older women. I don't necessarily want to look like a business women yet. However it still inspires my style.
So here are a few items that every girl should have since some of them can actually build your whole outfit.

1. The LITTLE BLACK DRESS is certainly the first that comes in mind!
If you were to have only one piece of clothing (I hope that it's not your case) it should definitely be a LBD. First of all, it fits everybody. There's always a perfect one for each and every girl. I like to say that it's the prince charming you never had. You just have to kiss many frogs before finding the right one. There are endless possibilities you can create by using accessories that will change your outfit each time.
Little Black Dresses

2. A pair of JEANS
Since the feminist movements, women fight for equality. In our days, their rights have completely changed. It is possible to see in their clothing. They are wearing pants. A quality jean is a piece that you will be able to wear often these days and during every season. There are thousands of models for which you can go. Once again, you have to find the right one that advantages your body and makes you feel comfortable.
I believe classic blue denim or a dark denim are the best two options in which you could invest.

J. Crew Women's Skinny Jean in Light Wash

3. A nice SKIN COLOR BRA (with detachable straps)
Who would have thought that underwear would actually be so important? It may seem obvious and the chances that you're asking yourself ''Why is it on this list?'' are high. Many girls my age (and older) have beautiful colorful bras and don't get me wrong, it's perfectly fine with me; I have some too. However somewhere in your very full closet, there should peacefully be laying a bra that color matches your skin tone with removable straps. This is actually THE basic piece of clothing that really can be worn with everything (without any exception).

How amazing this is: it goes with practically anything! Just don't wear it with dark brown clothing or a black top (looks to dark and doesn't let the blazer pop out). Other than that, it looks great! You can make it look casual as well as formal.
Gucci Two Pocket Knit Jacket

This element is as comfortable as it is easy to wear with a lot of things. With that same legging you can look casual with a long shirt as well as rock a party by assembling it with a sequined top.
Nice Black Leggings 

6. The famous BEIGE TRENCH
Created for the purpose of war, this coat has since been adapted to our everyday fashion. There are many variations that are put on the market each year. Fashion is mostly inspired by vintage and we are taking use of the clothing of the past. Trench coats may seem boring to you but they are anything but that. 

Burberry, Cashmere and Wool Trench 

7. A pair of BRIGHT RED SHOES (preferably pumps)
Over a year ago, I saw a girl walking downtown (duuh!). I usually look at people's clothing but this time I was totally mesmerized by that stranger's shoes: bright red pumps! I stared at her feet for as long as she was in my sight. Her outfit is kind of blurry in my head but she was wearing something really simple (was it a pair of jeans and a white T?). She definitely made a statement. Everyone should be able to make such a thing. If you can't wear heels buy flats but make sure you get some.
Louboutin, Sexy 100MM

This is in my opinion another must. It is simple, gives you a stylish look and is useful. It is easy to match with big range of clothing. There are zillions of models from which to choose from. If you don't want a too expensive try to find one that imitates it the better.
Hermes Birkin in Brown Lychee

Mulberry's Oversized Alexa in Oak Soft Buffalo

Choose the metal color depending on your personal preferences and style. The best option is definitely a Tiffany's creation. Unfortunately, we don't all have enough money in our piggy banks to buy one. A more affordable version is the Juicy Couture one (the one I have!).
 Tiffany's Heart tag charm Toggle bracelet

These items are classics making them last a lifetime. Going with absolutely anything they will make you happy and people will only have good remarks regarding it. But, make sure not to buy some that are ridiculously big and try s much as possible to buy the best quality you can find. They will be like a new best friend and will always make you look good ;)

Birks, Pearl Earrings
Birks, Diamond Solitaire Earrings in 18kt White Gold

PS. Remember, there are any variations for each one of the articles on this list. You should always invest in the most classic and simple ones. You'll be than able to wear it more often!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

This season's IT nail polishes

Remember when you used to ask your mommy to polish your nails in that gorgeous light pink so you could make your friends jealous? Actually that was not exactly my case, but I believe it was many girls’. My parents bought me a makeup set for kids in which there were three fake nail polishes. They had a rubbery texture, dried in an instant and didn’t that particular smell that I love so much. I spent long hours putting it on, removing it for the fun of using it again. Sometimes I asked my dad to apply it for me. My mom has never really been affected by that colored nail syndrome. I hope this is not genetic (because if it were, it would come from my dad and would be quite weird). Let’s just suppose that god pulls out names from a hat to decide who will be a fan of this fabulous invention and who, sadly, will not.
For the lucky chosen ones, these are this season’s it nail polishes:

As the star we put on the top of our Christmas tree, the first trend is a Golden.

I definitely love this trend. It will give you another reason to rock your fantastic smile. Those 10 little suns on both of your hands will be sending happy vibes to your surroundings.

When we think of the weather during winter, we think C O L D. So go with the flow and wear Icy Blues to match this time of the year.

 Some people say that this trend brings even more cold around of. However, I think it depends of the color you chose. Who would resist a slightly metallic blue that reminds you the amazing color of the Caribbean Sea or the (to-die-for) Tiffany color? Here again, it brings joy to your day.

Another nail polish that you should consider owning is Taupe and deviations that are made from it. They go with almost everything and may be considered as the new neutrals. It’s a great color that is trendy and willing to stay so for quite a while. 


Personally, I think the colors are gorgeous. There is a deviation of it that goes with every skin color; you just have to find the right one. My favorite one is a mixture of gray and beige called ‘‘greige’’.

Just like the previous trend, Super Dark, Almost Black is pretty unexpected this season. The colors are extremely dark and represent a fantastic option to make your style look more dramatic. The most-worn ones are deep plum, dark graphite, and rich navy.

I must say I am not crazy about this one since I prefer pallets that are more bright and joyful but as said before, it all depends of the particular color that is chosen. Still, to remain fashionable without liking his trend, you might (just as I do) buy bright that have been darkened up (and sometimes with a slightly metallic appearance). 

Don’t forget: some trends are ‘classics’ so they’re always in and classy such as Nudes and Reds
You can never go wrong with them. It’s a fashion YES YES!

Finally, last summer, it was our lips and now, this Coral/Bright Orangy Red is taking over our nails. However this trend is less seen than the others.
It was still love at first sight this summer and my feelings remain the same for this energetic color that pops out and makes a statement. I’m just sad it’s not as popular as the other ones… Oh well.

PS. It’s fun to mix some trends together and makes you look super trendy and daring (which is good).

PPS. Take risks. You’ll have a unique look and if it turns out wrong, don’t cry your heart out: it’s only nail polish. If it happens, go get some remover in your bathroom and clean that experiment up in a glance of an eye and don’t give up. Continue testing and trying new things!