Fashion rhymes with Emotion

If not every girl just starts to cry for something that reaches her heart then I've probably done it for them who don't!
It may sound a little bit stupid but for me, Fashion rhymes with Emotion. I get all emotive when I see an incredible (more like enchanted) fashion show or even breathtaking publicities.
One of my favs, Elie Saab, has mastered the art of bringing out a few tears that have fun cascading down my cheeks.
This is a page I'll dedicate to all of the things related to fashion that either give me shivers down my spine or simply make me cry.

Warning: You might see a considerable amount of Elie Saab's masterpieces.

Saturday December 31, 2011

Gods for Zara

Euuhh… I think… but I’m not quite sure… that I kind of… love this skirt…  The first time I saw it I thought it was a dream come true. It makes me speechless!

by Alice, 8:29 PM 

Saturday December 10, 2011

Impossible not to fall for ChloƩ


Incredibly beautiful?  No… PERFECT! I know, they are from last summer’s collection… However, I can’t keep my eyes of them. They’re even on my computer screen all the time. 
by Alice, 2:36 PM

Saturday December 3, 2011

I love Marchesa

Marchesa is definitely one of my inspirations. The two talented designers behind this work of art learned how to mix colors, elegance, drama and a pinch of optimism to make a perfect recipe!
Few of my favorite creations (hope you like them as much as I do):  


by Alice, 8:57 PM

Saturday December 3, 2011

Surreal Louboutin Add

The first time I saw this add, I was in orientation class in the computer lab at school. We had the class to explore all the possible path careers from which we may choose from. My friends and I were checking out universities. I was looking up some of the most influential people in the fashion industry's education. I typed in LOUBOUTIN and this picture came up. It looked so optimistic and perfect. Even the (to die-for) shoe had the right angle. I started to cry. At that precise moment, the orientation lady passed by. She thought I was upset because of required high results for a program at university. She tried to reassure me... If she only knew I was crying for something way more important. ;)

by Alice, 9:42 AM