Saturday, 19 November 2011

This season's IT nail polishes

Remember when you used to ask your mommy to polish your nails in that gorgeous light pink so you could make your friends jealous? Actually that was not exactly my case, but I believe it was many girls’. My parents bought me a makeup set for kids in which there were three fake nail polishes. They had a rubbery texture, dried in an instant and didn’t that particular smell that I love so much. I spent long hours putting it on, removing it for the fun of using it again. Sometimes I asked my dad to apply it for me. My mom has never really been affected by that colored nail syndrome. I hope this is not genetic (because if it were, it would come from my dad and would be quite weird). Let’s just suppose that god pulls out names from a hat to decide who will be a fan of this fabulous invention and who, sadly, will not.
For the lucky chosen ones, these are this season’s it nail polishes:

As the star we put on the top of our Christmas tree, the first trend is a Golden.

I definitely love this trend. It will give you another reason to rock your fantastic smile. Those 10 little suns on both of your hands will be sending happy vibes to your surroundings.

When we think of the weather during winter, we think C O L D. So go with the flow and wear Icy Blues to match this time of the year.

 Some people say that this trend brings even more cold around of. However, I think it depends of the color you chose. Who would resist a slightly metallic blue that reminds you the amazing color of the Caribbean Sea or the (to-die-for) Tiffany color? Here again, it brings joy to your day.

Another nail polish that you should consider owning is Taupe and deviations that are made from it. They go with almost everything and may be considered as the new neutrals. It’s a great color that is trendy and willing to stay so for quite a while. 


Personally, I think the colors are gorgeous. There is a deviation of it that goes with every skin color; you just have to find the right one. My favorite one is a mixture of gray and beige called ‘‘greige’’.

Just like the previous trend, Super Dark, Almost Black is pretty unexpected this season. The colors are extremely dark and represent a fantastic option to make your style look more dramatic. The most-worn ones are deep plum, dark graphite, and rich navy.

I must say I am not crazy about this one since I prefer pallets that are more bright and joyful but as said before, it all depends of the particular color that is chosen. Still, to remain fashionable without liking his trend, you might (just as I do) buy bright that have been darkened up (and sometimes with a slightly metallic appearance). 

Don’t forget: some trends are ‘classics’ so they’re always in and classy such as Nudes and Reds
You can never go wrong with them. It’s a fashion YES YES!

Finally, last summer, it was our lips and now, this Coral/Bright Orangy Red is taking over our nails. However this trend is less seen than the others.
It was still love at first sight this summer and my feelings remain the same for this energetic color that pops out and makes a statement. I’m just sad it’s not as popular as the other ones… Oh well.

PS. It’s fun to mix some trends together and makes you look super trendy and daring (which is good).

PPS. Take risks. You’ll have a unique look and if it turns out wrong, don’t cry your heart out: it’s only nail polish. If it happens, go get some remover in your bathroom and clean that experiment up in a glance of an eye and don’t give up. Continue testing and trying new things!


  1. I really like your way to write and your selection of nail polish.
    I particularly like the golden and dark selection

  2. I love these selections and especially Taupe, Icy Blues and Golden selection :)


  3. very nice blog =) and beautiful lacquer
    Pass on mine there's new =)

  4. Merci!
    Superbe sélection de vernis, je suis fan!
    Bisous, bisous, C.


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